Dear Guy Kawasaki, You Tweet Too Much

I really like Guy Kawasaki. I saw him at Ad Tech in San Fransisco and he was hilarious. If you haven’t seen the Art of Enchantment speech you should watch it. My favorite part of the video is at minute 20.28 – 23.01 where he makes fun of how companies come up with mission statements. If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, definitely watch that part.

But even before Guy Kawasaki “Enchanted” me with his humour, I use to follow him on twitter but I had to stop following him because he was taking up my feed. I mean the guy literally tweets something every 5 minutes. Intrigued I decided to look into Guy Kawasaki’s twitter strategy further. From his blog I learned a lot about his twitter strategy, in particular, how he manages to tweet so much and why he chose to tweet so much.

Although the blog was very insightful I was still left with the question, does anyone want to see that many tweets in their feed? Apparently there are many people who don’t mind how much he tweets because he has 349,114 followers. But the big question is, is he losing followers because he tweets too much?

I would love to put this theory to the test. What if Guy Kawasaki split his tweets up into a few different profiles? Keep @guykawasaki for his personal tweets and then make 2 more profiles.

@guykawasaki will continue tweets like these recent tweets by @guykawasaki
– Just noticed I had 780 pending friend requests on Facebook. Not so enchanting of me!
– 14 social media treats for your customers

@guykpulse will cover news worthy or trending topics like these recent tweets by @guykawasaki
– Satellite images reveal growing prison camps in North Korea [video]
– World’s largest radar network now on Pacific coast

@guykhack will cover tweets like innovations in the tech industry, cool do it yourself projects, etc. like these recent tweets by @guykawasaki
– Make any credit card into a guitar pick
– You can own this personal robot

To launch this twitter campaign Guy could post the announcement on his blog and then distribute the announcement to all social media avenues. In addition, I would also recommend creating a short Youtube video about the change in profiles. This will convey the message quickly to those who may not have time to read a blog. Also there are some people who are more likely to share/retweet a video instead of a blog.

I believe that people who are already following @guykawasaki will likely follow the two new profiles.

To build @guykhack you could go after people who follow @wired @laughingsquid. By following their followers and engaging with them it is likely they will follow you back.

To build @guykpulse you could go after the followers of @fastcompany @mashable. Again, by following their followers and engaging with them it is likely they will follow you back.

At the end of the day the content will speak for itself and will build a following. Those who don’t want to miss out on any of @guykawasaki’s tweets can follow all three profiles while still leaving room for those who don’t want their feed taken up if they want to just follow one or two of the profiles.

Do you follow @guykawasaki? Would you be more likely to follow him if he didn’t tweet so much?


Kristina 8:36 pm - 15th May:

I feel that there can be too much if you are getting a notification every time something is getting posted. I have to go on to Twitter to see what’s new, so I’m fine with the people I’m following Tweeting to their hearts content. But for Facebook if a group I’ve joined posts something new my phone beeps. I have a couple of groups I would like to quit but they’re groups that my friends have created so I’m stuck :(

admin 5:24 pm - 22nd May:

I completely agree. Generally is I get too many emails I will unsubscribe even though I generally enjoy the content. I do have good news though, if you are part of a Facebook group and getting to many notifications you could edit the notification settings on the Group page. Hope that helps. Thanks for the comment.

Robin 10:09 am - 7th June:

He definitely tweets too much for me. Despite this I haven’t unfollowed him *yet* as I find myself sending a lot of his articles to my instapaper account.

When running Tweetdeck with notifications on (I want this) he appears FAR TOO frequently. This is when I’m tempted to unfollow haha. Multiple twitter accounts would be highly preferable.

admin 1:00 am - 24th June:

Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that the guy tweets too much. Thanks for the comment!

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