Social Media Monitoring

When running any type of campaign it is important to monitor the success and sentiments of the campaign in order to make adjusts to the strategy. In social media, there are many ways to track company information, competitor data, sentiment, chatter and conversations taking place in your industry. There are paid monitoring tools like Radian6 and there are also many free monitoring tools. Most of us are familiar the basic monitoring tools such as Google Alerts, where you receive email updates on the latest Google results for the keywords of your choice. Bloggers may also be familiar with Backtype which monitors blog comments. Although there are many different monitoring sites available, a couple of my favorites are Twitalyzer and HowSociable. Twitalyzer is great for monitoring conversations on Twitter and Howsociable is great for measuring conversation on a broader spectrum of social media sites.

To give you an idea about how these two websites work I will use my favorite Advertising Agency, Cowie and Fox.

Using Howsociable is easy. Simply type in your company name and hit enter. Howsociable gives a visibility score and also gives a score for a variety of different social media platforms.

Howsociable is a great tool but it isn’t perfect. If you look at this screen shot you’ll notice the Twitter score is zero. Cowie and Fox has a fairly strong presence on Twitter, so that is an obvious glitch.

Twitalyzer is a great tool to analyze Twitter further. Twitalyzer rates Cowie and Fox “Everyday User” which they define as “having a small circle of influence but great potential”.

These two websites are a great place to start your monitoring but sometimes it they don’t give a full picture of conversations taking place and the overall sentiment. In addition to using these sites I would recommend using Social Mention. Social Mention is great for searching for conversations your company is mentioned in. The site also has it’s own sentiment rating.

Although all these tools are great, nothing beats getting your hands dirty and doing your own monitoring research. Read posts on the sites you are engaged in and see what the overall sentiment is. For example Cowie and Fox doesn’t have a Facebook page but they do have a Twitter page and a blog.

Here are some @cowieandfox’s @ mentions

- From @rufinachang: Thanks to @roymelanie for being the Orchid Whisperer of @cowieandfox … and of course @mrbitterpants for being the Senior Pigeon Handler

- From @_stephco_ : AHHHHH!!!! Just won Canucks tickets! Thank u @cowieandfox for being so awesome!!!

- From @Social_Agency: Right back at ya’! RT @cowieandfox: Happy first day of Summer #Vancouver !

- From @swimco: Swimco’s fabulous ad agency, @cowieandfox, is excited for Sunglasses for Summer today!

Here are some comments from their blog:

- From NBC Kills The Peacock: That’s a horrible move, the peacock is such an icon. It’s like Nike getting rid of the swoosh or Target getting rid of the target.

- From BC Dairy Foundation Milk Slam Nice work C&F, I think that you guys did a great job on these posters!

- Love the work! Catchy and creative

- From Orling & Wu: Now Open Absolutely gorgeous branding, and the store is like a little piece of France! Wonderful work.

- From Design Trend: The Modern Banner Get Satisfaction’s logo has a simple banner approach.

- The latest issue of Fast Company Magazine has a feature on The 100 Most Creative People in Business, adorned with so many banners

- wow, banner overload. Thanks for the link!

From looking at Cowie and Fox’s blog and Twitter it is evident that the sentiment is all very positive. They are doing a great job and can continue to grow their engagement, especially on Twitter.

When conducting Social Media Monitoring it’s important to remember to do some hands on investigations in addition to using the monitoring websites. This enables you to see the whole picture. What do you use as monitoring tools?

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